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Trade Relations
Our services
Our primary function is to expand different types of collaborations (economic, cultural, industrial etc..) between companies in both countries through a series of services and consultancy dedicated to companies.

  • Attending as a coordinating party for associations, companies and individuals engaged in international trade.
  • To recommend actions and resolutions passed by member associations concerning regulations influencing exporters' and importers' activities and hampering business.
  • To support international traders' interests worldwide and present their position to national and foreign authorities as well as international bodies and institutions.
  • To increase and growing services in international...
Shipping Logistics & Transportation
Our services
Thanks to the collaboration with professionals in the sector, we offer:

  • Consultancy on Transport and Logistics.
  • Customs advise and assistance.
  • Local and international transport and logistics services.
  • Logistics: The paperwork, both export- and import-wise, is essential. In developing countries, it can be pretty puzzling. Gathering all necessary authorisations and licences are complex formalities, so is pre-shipment and site inspection.
  • Transport: Handling inbound and outbound shipping is difficult on its own. FOB/CIF calculations may fluctuate from port to port. For short distances, the choice of allotment to rail, road and inland waterways is equally essential and someday more beneficial.

We o...
Import / Export
Our services
International markets offer huge opportunities for Italian and Egyptian market. Selling internationally can seem daunting but, as with most things, it is easy with help of professionals and trained staff.

We are an /import/export trading company providing support services for firms engaged in exporting. This may include warehousing, shipping, insuring, and billing on behalf of the client.
Legal Assistance
Our services
We provides legal assistance to Italian companies in Egypt in the event of difficult situations or disputes with Egyptian companies or public bodies; service for participation in tenders.
We provide also full assistance in opening an office (newco, branch…) in Egypt, following up all the relevant steps till the obtainment of all the relevant authorizations/licences.
Information Service
Our services
We are well conscious that making trade-in or with a foreign country needs a comprehensive knowledge of its inner dynamics in financial, political and social facts.

We can provide its members with various information; to help them carry out their trade successfully.

  • Legal & fiscal information.
  • Basic macroeconomic country information.
  • Commercial & customs information.
Various services
Our services
In addition, we offer a huge list of services like:

  • Specific information on local companies
  • Legal and Fiscal consultancy
  • Information on International Fairs
  • Information on International Tenders
  • Assistance on tendering documents for the Tenders
  • Tourist Assistance
  • Commercial, Legal, Fiscal assistance
  • Assistance on participating to fairs
  • Translation service
  • Personnel selection
  • Event Organization
  • Rental of offices, meeting rooms
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