27 Settembre 2023

Shipping Logistics & Transportation

Our services
Thanks to the collaboration with professionals in the sector, we offer:

  • Consultancy on Transport and Logistics.
  • Customs advise and assistance.
  • Local and international transport and logistics services.
  • Logistics: The paperwork, both export- and import-wise, is essential. In developing countries, it can be pretty puzzling. Gathering all necessary authorisations and licences are complex formalities, so is pre-shipment and site inspection.
  • Transport: Handling inbound and outbound shipping is difficult on its own. FOB/CIF calculations may fluctuate from port to port. For short distances, the choice of allotment to rail, road and inland waterways is equally essential and someday more beneficial.

We offer logistics operations of land transport of cargo for movements to and from ports, between cities, urban deliveries or dedicated vehicles depending on the needs of the client.

We have our personnel in the main locations, submitting customs guidance on regulations and procedures.
We extend our customs expertise to our clients to adequately plan their imports and exports.

We are able to provide full assistance regarding custom formalities, and all paperwork before the authorities.

We can assist with relevant procedures to determine the exact HS CODE and to provide all the relevant information regarding TAX/VAT DUES/EXEMPTION related to the goods, and all needed information for import the goods in Egypt.

We can assist in order to prepare all the relevant shipping documents, in the specific we are in the position to obtain the relevant ACID code which will be needed for all shipment to Egypt. ACID code will be needed to be inserted in all shipping documents (BL/INVOICE, etc…)

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