27 Settembre 2023
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Why should you invest in Egypt?

24-11-2022 10:16 - Our news
An ideal geographical location, strong economic growth, easy procedures for setting up a business.
Egypt is, a very favourable destination for foreign investors.

Strong economic and demographic growth
Egypt has one of the most dynamic growth rates in Africa. The country's GDP is the second largest in Africa (USD 403 billion in 2021) and Egypt is one of the few countries to have recorded a positive growth rate during the health crisis.
The country is one of the "African lions”, alongside South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco and Algeria: five powers that together account for 60% of African GDP.

Demographically, Egypt is also growing rapidly, with 104.26 million inhabitants in 2021, according to WorldData.com, making it the most populous country in the Arab world.

Strategic geographical position
Egypt is positioned at the crossroads of three continents and also boasts an excellent geographical location, close to major strategic routes such as the Suez Canal. For European investors, this African country also has the advantage of being accessible in a few hours by air from major European cities.

In addition, the country has a strong cultural influence in the Arab world and a unique historical heritage.

Business friendly destination
Business friendly. Resulting numerous reforms in recent years, the country has sought to reinforce the presence of European investors.

In particular, the government has introduced tax exemptions (for corporate income tax, income tax, and customs duties) and has greatly facilitated administrative procedures. Setting up a company in Egypt can be done in as little as some days.

Many investment opportunities
Egypt also benefits from a diversified economy, based on buoyant sectors, offering a wide range of investment opportunities to foreign investors in high-potential areas: agriculture and the agri-food industry, tourism, transport, gas, telecommunications, education, health, renewable energy, finance, manufacturing, real estate and construction, the oil sector, wholesale and retail trade, etc.

As an investor in Egypt, you will also benefit from a low-cost, skilled workforce.

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